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My name is David Stratmann, and I founded WISE IT GmbH in Zurich in October 2017.

WISE IT supports companies of all industries in finding intelligent and sustainable solutions for their IT projects. WISE IT always looks ahead, because the processes we develop today must be compatible in the future and most importantly, they should make our lives easier and happier.

Together we can focus on achieving your goals.

What a joy it was when my parents gave me that 486 personal computer with 33MHz when I was 12. My passion was ignited, and I immersed myself in the world of hardware and software, installed drivers and games, exchanged DOS and Windows 3.11 disks, and even sent messages to my neighbours, thanks to the 2.4k modem. Word spread, and soon my family and friends were having me assemble computers and set up networks. I turned 14, finally passed my motorcycle test, and began repairing all the broken drives, hard disks and graphic cards in the village as a flying young computer scientist – all for a little money to buy petrol again.

Even back then, with my toolbox on my manual transmission Puch, I knew that one day I would have my own IT company.

And so it came to be, and I am delighted have the opportunity to put my passion and technical know-how at your disposal!

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